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Blowing Off the Dust

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here. I do apologize. My dissertation schedule went haywire, and I was looking for a job, and trying to help out some friends and everything just spectacularly imploded!

But, it’s 2020, which means this year is the year of Critical Success! Of course, we’re starting with the Covid-19 lockdown; but that could actually be a blessing in disguise. Here is what I mean: We are now in a “work-from-home” (WFH) situation. Some of us have been WFH’ing for years (hi! Online grad student!); some are new to it (like my husband). It’s all about finding your creativity; finding your motivation. We have found that with him at the house during the day, we eat earlier, we eat healthier, we exercise more, and we get more accomplished. I mean, we get a lot of gaming in, too, don’t get me wrong! We’ve racked up a number of hours on Age of Mythology (check out my Steam profile, if you doubt)! But, we have also gotten several projects started and completed!

We’ve converted the guest room into a studio for me to record videos for you. It’s a bit echo-y in there because we have 16′ ceilings in that room, and no carpeting; but, slowly, the echo will die down as we populate it with sound-absorbing things! He’ll move his workstation into the same studio once he’s completed his work project that requires more desk space than we have room for in that room.

Make sure you join my Discord server. That’s the best place to talk about gaming and work-related topics! I look forward to virtually meeting you!

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