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Twitter always has some fun hashtags. Writer friends of mine like to do #TipsyTalk or #TipsyChat where they grab a glass of wine and discuss, via Twitter, different writing topics. As much as I like drinking (preferably a nice whiskey or scotch with a little soda water), I think it’s better to have a 45-minute time frame in which we can discuss business topics with clear heads and minds.

With that in mind, the first #Tweusday (Twitter Tuesday) will be Tuesday, February 25, 2019, at 2pm, PT (3M/4C/5E). You can participate on Twitter, if that is easier for you, or via Discord. I will compile Tweets and Discord messages and post them for your reading enjoyment and learning! If you are able to participate via Discord, all messages are automatically archived and you can read them once you join the appropriate channel.

The first topic is on the role of the DM/GM as the ultimate leadership development tool. Please join us!

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