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Welcome to Improved Initiative Consulting, a Critical Success for training!

Improved Initiative is a feat from Dungeons & Dragons (prior to 5th edition) that granted the user +2 to their initiative score.  We want to improve that initiative further by giving you a +5!  This website contains academic papers, podcasts, and blog posts featuring ethics (via Hogwarts’ Houses), toxic masculinity/feminism in the workplace (via comics), and improving life skills (via gaming).  We’re working on developing the podcast, along with videos, Twitch streams, and a Discord server to further discuss these topics, explore others, or just generally talk about gaming, comics, and other fandoms.

The podcast is currently on hold to accommodate Chris’ dissertation schedule; however, she is available to discuss various topics via Discord.  Please consider joining by clicking on the Discord link! While you’re here, subscribe to her blog for articles on role-playing games and training; or download an academic paper and read it for science.  Whatever you do, make it a critical success!